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Where it's "ALL ABOUT COIN RINGS" The Coin Smith skillfully
handcrafts vintage silver and modern day coins into beautiful heirloom quality coin ring jewelry. These double sided coin rings have a true timeless flavor that attract buyers from every age group and gender. 

Come visit our Ring Shop where you can view and purchase a coin ring already made or check out our Gallery page and build your own custom coin ring by selecting the perfect coin with an appealing finish and sized to fit.  We especially like to make wedding bands 
and "His & Her" ring sets.

These are very unique rings. Only a
handful know the technique used to 
make double sided coin rings and
fewer have mastered it. The Coin 
Smith has been making double sided 
coin rings  for the past 35 years.  The
thought of turning a flat coin into a
beautiful 3-D coin ring without cutting 
and soldering is truly amazing.  When finished these coin rings clearly show the coin's detail on both the inside and outside of the band. With the wide variety of coins available there are endless possibilities. 

Coin rings make great gifts and conversation pieces, they can be worn to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries,  honor people, places and special historic events or just to wear as a fashion statement.

                                                             You'll be amazed at just how
                                                 affordable these coin rings are.  A
                                                 sampling of rings and prices are
                                                 available in our Ring Shop.                                                                   These coin rings make wonderful                                                          gifts.  Most people have never seen
                                                 a coin ring and would be thrilled to                                                        receive one as a gift.  Each coin ring                                                    comes in a velvet  draw string pouch suitable for presentation.  If you wish, we can send your gift ring directly to the recipient.  We specialize in rush orders and Gift Certificates are also available.

If you are a coin shop, jewelry store or boutique these coin rings would be great sellers in your store. They pretty much sell themselves.  Please contact me for volume discount information.

Have fun looking through our website.  We would be pleased if you would sign our guest book before you leave.   And while you're at it, see what others had to say about our Coin Rings.

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Read the story behind The Coin Smith. Find out how it all started.  Where did the Double Sided Coin Ring idea come from?  
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Come see the Coin Rings that The Coin Smith has listed on Ebay. Many have been discounted below our normal prices.  
New Ring Design Announced
The Coin Smith has released a new ring design, nicknamed "The Wedge" 
because of it's  unique wedge shape. This exclusive copyrighted design  is already drawing  lots of attention. 
** Now Available in the Ring Shop 
" The Wedge"