There are two ways you can purchase a coin ring from The Coin Smith. The first way is to visit one of our Ring Shops. Peruse the finished products and purchase from the coin rings being offered. In addition to this shop, The Coin Smith has shops on Ebay and Etsy.  I really hope you find a coin ring that appeals to you, and that you are compelled to make a purchase. 

The second way is to order a custom made coin ring. Made from your coin or one of ours. In this way you can choose the coin, the year and the orientation of the coin (heads or tails on the outside of the band), your exact ring size and how you would like your coin ring finished (polished or accented).  Visit our Gallery page to see what's possible and then request a free quote.

If you are trying to buy a gift and are not sure of the ring size, purchase a gift certificate and let the recipient choose the ring and size that suits them best. Gift Cards provide a totally unique and fun buying experience that anyone will be sure to enjoy! 

Please don't hesitate to email us with any questions.          
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