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Not All Coin Rings Are Created Equal

by Ron Judd on 03/03/11

When I look at some of the double sided coin rings being offered on eBay, Etsy and elsewhere it's obvious to me that "Not All Coin Rings Are Created Equal".  Most are lacking.  I see coins that should never have been used in the first place.  Many rings are made from worn out coins, with dings, scratches and pitting.      


Suggestion #1  Quality coin rings start by selecting quality coins.


Many of these coin rings are not even symmetrical.  They look like cones, not rings.They show tool marks from being pounded with a hammer, filed, and jammed into something that has deformed their edges. Many were stretched to the point of breaking,   with edges split as a result of metal fatigue.   These faults can be attributed to lack of technique, sloppy workmanship and poor choice of tools.  Customers deserve better.


Suggestion #2  Get the right tools and learn how to use them. 


If the above faults weren't enough, little or no effort was made to finish off these rings. Many lacked simple cleaning, buffing and polishing.  It takes special skills and lots of practice to produce a quality finish but it is necessary to enhance the coin ring's overall appearance.


Suggestion #3  Without a quality finish, Suggestions #1 & 2  don't matter...  Learning how to bend a coin into a ring isn't enough.  The final product should be given a quality finish.


Perhaps the most amazing thing about these flawed coin rings is their price.   Poor quality coin rings don't warrant high prices.  I suspect that when the consumer becomes educated and aware of quality coin rings being offered elsewhere this situation will take care of itself.


Suggestion #4  Offer the customer more for their money.   If the ring is not of the highest quality, PLEASE DON'T OFFER IT FOR SALE!

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